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Young Humilatrix bully girl


UK's Elite Humiliatrix

I guess you have come here because your insignificant man meat led you here... as per usual thinking with the wrong head.

Well whilst you're here you slutty little boy maybe you should come and serve your ultimate Mistress and find what you have been searching for.

Let me introduce myself... If you do not already know who I am then where the fuck have you been?? Locked in a cage I hope!!


I am Miss Annalieza, I'm a UK young Dominant with masses and masses of experience and the natural ability to make you feel just as worthless as you know you are. At just 5ft2inches I can bring just about any size man down to their knees begging to serve me and make my life complete, but don't be fooled by my stature, I also possess awesome strength and ability for my size and wit so sharp it could cut diamonds...


Specialising in Humiliation you will quickly see why I am simply the best and just how natural it is for me to humilate and control you with my words alone - it's almost like I was made for humiliation and the destruction of weak men. I know at this point you are intrigued... your little man clit throbbing in your hand no doubt, like any normal wanker would but take my advice, the only way to fully satisfy your desires is to come and serve me real time.




Extreamly  experienced young bully girl Mistress


Next London dates...

Most London Dates can be arranged with notice.


Next Guarenteed date - 29th April 2016 Central

Next Bath


Wednesday 11th May

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